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All of my services can be customized to best meet each client's needs.


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Defining a product strategy is critical to ensuring you're focusing on the right market opportunities to hit your goals. 


My services include:

  • Creating and executing user research plans

  • Building competitive analyses

  • Analyzing your existing product usage

  • Defining your personas or target audience

  • Creating a roadmap to execute against the strategy



Optimizing the organizational structure, processes, and tools of the product team increases productivity and outcomes.


My services include:

  • Recommending an organizational structure for the product team

  • Identifying resource gaps and driving the hiring of product roles

  • Implementing key processes such as product roadmap prioritization, impact analysis frameworks, user feedback mechanisms, and agile development rituals

  • Evaluating current tools and presenting more effective or cost-saving options



Nailing the details of product execution positions the launch to have the most significant business impact.


My services include:

  • Documenting business objectives and functional requirements

  • Defining user flows and wireframes

  • Collaborating with engineering and design to align and execute on the best solutions 

  • Setting launch goals and measurements of success

  • A/B testing

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